Decorating should show off your ability to create an artistically beautiful and functional room (as this room is on display for everyone who lives in or visits your home to see). Sometimes the thought alone can scare anyone into leaving a room or guest room with bare walls and minimal furniture. The truth is not everyone has the artistic gene of those who become interior designers, yet of course, you still want to show you can do it. Enters Vielle and Frances. We are experts in furniture trends, fashion trends and we are obsessed with created beautiful rooms that suits your style, taste and mood. We see decorating in phases and there are five phases to decorating a room: Imagining, Exploring, Planning, Selecting and Enjoying. If you would like to work with one of our design experts, simply fill out the Product Design Assistant form . Soon after a design expert will send you a private web page on that will display all of their suggestions for your room. There are also many interior design books that are both stylish on a coffee table or book shelf yet helpful in decorating reference. See them here: Coffee Table Books