Is your home office set up with the basics, including your ideal desk and chair, but somehow doesn't feel like an efficient or inviting workspace? We have some tips for accessorizing your home office to create an environment that is both comfortable and conducive to productivity. While you will want to tailor your accessories to complement your needs and aesthetic, these home office ideas will help jump start your final decorating touches. Lighting Not only is harsh overhead lighting unattractive, it can also create eye strain by throwing shadows across your workspace. Select a mix of task and area lighting that is pleasing and practical at the same time. Artwork Artwork that speaks to you can help create an energizing environment. Whether your style is sleek and modern, traditional and cozy or eclectic, choose artwork that makes you smile. Filing Cabinet An organized home office is an efficient one. No matter whether you need two folders or twenty, there are filing cabinets for every space and design. Office Accessories When shopping for home office accessories, first consider what will be most useful, then buy beautiful items that complement your décor. For example, try sitting at your desk and working for a while to determine whether you need a small container for a few pens or a larger organizer that holds clips and sticky notes. Finishing touches are a vital element of decorating any room in your home. Vielle and Frances offers a wide array of creative home office solutions to transform your lackluster space into an irresistible home office.